tirsdag 6. april 2010

Tvangsforing av narkomane kan jo være et alternativ

Ny studier viser at fet mat har samme effekt som kokain og heroin. De som spiser søppelmat mye og ofte, vil etterhvert utvikle en avhengighet, akkurat som en gjør med narkotika. Dette leder da til min slutning at en nå kan tvangsfore narkomane med fet mat for å kurere deres narkomani, som et alternativ til den langt dyrere behandlingen med metadon og subutex. Fra junkie til foodjunkie!

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Anonym sa...

værre leserhore har jeg aldri sett.... ja deg altså.

6. april 2010 kl. 20:54
Anonym sa...

hvorfor står ikke ordet sukker noe sted i artikkelen i VG? Det er da vitterlig sukkeret i maten som er vanedannende.

6. april 2010 kl. 21:24
Anonym sa...

Du kødder ikke sant?
Hehe, det må du jo, for ingen er virkelig så dumme! Akk, hvilken utopi det skulle vært ;)

7. april 2010 kl. 01:11
Anonym sa...

Jeg håper virkelig du prøver å være morsom.

7. april 2010 kl. 01:12
Anonym sa...

Jeg er norsk men som et håp om og nå litt ut skal jeg ta det på engelsk.

I’am, i will and have allways been a productive member of the norwegian society, I’m well educated and I do charity work on the side, helping people who are dissabilitated I.E. In my fathers allways been in a wheelchair so ive perhaps got acustomed to serviceing other human beings in eweryway i can!

Now when the day is done and i finally get my “ME time” i want to sometimes relax and take the edge off. Let my body relax and get some endorfines going in the system.
So now here is my predicament, should i:

A) go to the store and buy my self a beer/liquor


B) Go to some of the thousand dealers around town and buy some weed or hasjish if you want to call it that.

The two options has there pros and cons, i shall try and list some of them.

The alcohol in the beverage is going to numb my sences, make me impulsive, moody, dumb, lower my inhobitions and generally make me more of an ass the more i drink it.’
It may lead to me loosing controle and beating up some random douchebag, I may allso decide to go into my daugthers bed room and pee in her closet after i vommit in her bed. (allso couses cancer and liver deciese, may lead to alcoholism and SEVERE ADDICITION)
Now there are some cons to drinking alcohol, societys preffered drug.
Now for the positive, it will make you happy for a little time, and its legale.

It pacifies you sometimes, you get overly hungry, red eyes and can possibly in some cases couse latent scitsofrenia to surface. (though one could argue its due to u being criminalised by using it, wich allso meens you will most likly use it in a room without a bloody window or around other humans)
May allso couse cancer, but not hardly as dangerous as tobacko!
There you go, the cons.

I wont ewen go into the positive side of this “drug” becouse after heavy use for years.
I can honestly say, coffee makes me more “drugged”. Weed is harmfull, its just a way for people to calm down. (amongst manny other effects, i.e bether appetite)
Like coffee is a way for people to be more alert/awake.

There really isnt any other bigger hyppocrasy than alcohol being legale, and weed being illegale!.

And one would think enough is enough, we all know tons of people who smoke/have smoked, and it should be clear in all our minds what a tragic this law is to MILLIONS of people in our awsome country!

Not to mention those of other religions who cannot partake of alcoholm,, wtf are they to do. When they need to calm down after a hard days work, cleaning your toilets!

7. april 2010 kl. 02:23
Anonym sa...

You're a former IB studen right? :D

7. april 2010 kl. 06:27
Anonym sa...

Det er nok en del narkomane som trenger ett måltid eller fem.. Hva skal tjukkasene gjøre da? Bruke heroin? Du glemte å nevne de eller skal de bare få kjøre på som før? For det blir nemlig laaaangt flere tjukkaser som står i kø for helsetjenester enn narkomane i årene som kommer. ;)

7. april 2010 kl. 08:06

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